What kind of family do you have?

All individuals have their own families but not all perfect right? So how can we describe a perfect family? Are they rich? Are they many? Or are they complete?

I want to share what family I have and what I had since it was started in my grand parents, and I think it was started on my grandfather because he had a three families as far as I know huh!, in his first wife (my Mom’s Mother) he had a 7 children, in the second family of my grandfather he had only one daughter then in his third wife he had 6 children. Do you believe in the saying in “Kung ano ang puno un ang bunga” for me I don’t know if I will believe this, because I think this is karma, why did I say that? Because almost of my mom’s siblings, have the same situation like my grandfather my mom also had this complicated situation.

Someone ask me what are the advantage and the disadvantage of having this kind of family? Of course I have an answer if you ask disadvantage but ADVANTAGE? Actually that person ask me seriously no joke or what maybe he ask because he so curious, after that conversation I ask my self so what’s the advantage having this situation actually I still have no answer and idea what’s the advantage but maybe it haves but it’s always be disadvantage.

So what is the disadvantage? OK let’s start in my experience. When I was a little child I know everything about what the situation we had my mom told me everything as in everything even thou my Pap doesn’t want me to know because for him that time is not the time for that. Yes in my early stage I know it already, because my mom wants me to be strong and she wants me to be an open minded person. In someone’s belief teaching your child is important and you must be careful in what your saying or doing. For me I’m so proud to my mom because she told me the good thing and even bad. She so tough to say those things to me, she explain me everything as far as I can understand and she is right because if they told me that thing when I grow up I don’t think I will understand it and maybe it will ruin my life.

Actually, having a half brothers and sister is not a big deal for me and infer ness to me ah! It’s just like a natural and a perfect family. I don’t see my family as a broken family or what, it’s just my father had a blessed he had me and my brothers and sister (he was so much bless) For someone it is a sin to have a more than one wife to a Christian but what should we do if this is his future. I know my father doesn’t want this situation, having this situation is so hard and I can see it to his eyes but god has a purpose why he let this to happen.  I’m very thankful because we have a god spirit because we don’t seen this as a burden we seen this just a trials and someday at the right time god will change everything and I still believing in this because little by little he change it.

The disadvantage of having this situation is up to the parents if they don’t open it to their children it will ruin their lives and they will grow up just like you. The most important to in the family is trust, trusting someone in the family is important to insure and to keep the family strong. The advantage of it is the individual having this situation make him/ her stronger. Having this kind of family is complicated and surely it is, but the advantage and the disadvantage of it is up to the person having it.

For me the damage has already done and we can’t change it. I thank the lord for the every day strength for us to conquer all the difficulties in our life. Life is painful but not all the time.

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