Tuesday and Thursday

I forgot that I'm in a diet and I blame this all to this month of May haha☺ and i can't help it! Last Tuesday we ate in Shakeys because we celebrate my mom's birthday
May 15,2012
And i just take my tummy to rest in one day haha☺.Last Thursday we had a birthday celebration in out office, we celebrate it like there's no tomorrow because we ate Lugaw in breakfast, Fully Loaded in Lunch and Kanin-kanin in Meryenda.
May 17, 2012
So if i eat a lot how can i back this body? huhu ;(
 Dieting is hardest thing to do so much! Gosh!

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  1. lol so often i think - man i should be eating healthier, but eat junk anyway! but you have to live life and enjoy it. life is too boring to only always eat healthy things. the food all look so jummy and definitely worth it, and you look so cute in the last photos!

    xx rae

    pop by if you have a moment love, and follow back if you like it!



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