Over looking

I love side seeing of course I like to see beautiful views but don’t think I’m talking about this view? Of course not! This is just my background hehe. Seeing beautiful things is what I love but that places are so far from the city, I’m the kind of person who is lazy to go out for trip because I feel I wanna be there (spell atat) I’m so excited haha.

Dress from Piccinini
Pink under cloth from Twenty one

Old Belt

Platform from Barbie
I remember when I was a kid my mom doesn’t want me to go in our field trip because she is so scared, that time I don’t understand why she act like that. Then when I grow up, when I wanted to go with friends my mom doesn’t want me to go out with them, to tell you the truth it’s so hard to be one and only child of my parents because I feel I’m in prison. So when I got old but not that old haha its still intact in my mind that my mom don’t want me to go far from them so until now if I want to go out or have an out of town it’s always depend on my mom’s decision hehe

I know someday I will have children and look like mom hehe so that’s alright to me. How about you? Is your mom like that? Over protective?

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