A letter to my loving mom♥

Dear Mama,

I wrote this letter for you to know how much I love you and how much I appreciate the things you’ve done to me. If I would describe you as a mother I can also describe you as a best friend. I describe you as mother being a caring, loving, kind, sweet and having a lot of talent. Mama thank you for being such a kind mom, being strict makes me a good person, thank you for being a friend to me, you always listening to my stories we always shared the laughter and tears I been strong person because you though me how. Mama you are so beautiful in my eyes and I’m so proud because I have a mother who cared about physical appearance you always know how to be beautiful. The situation we have in our family is not as big deal even is it, because even we have a complicated situation I don’t even feel that is a complicated because you are there to explain everything to me what the situation we have in our family. I’m so proud to say that my mom is so understanding, who understand the things which others cannot. Sometimes I ask god why pride doesn’t exist to your life but when the time goes by I clearly understand, because you are the only person that can understand Papa and his situation. I thank god for making you a strong person. Forgive and forget is the formula for all the pains in you life. Miserable is not the scene that I saw because you always put god in our life and you let him to enter and letting him to guide us.

Mama I’m always thankful for giving you as my mom. You are consistent and you never changed, you still doing the things you’ve done when I’m little you always powdered my back and put “lampin” hehe☺ you always organize my stuffs, assisting me when I’m rushing finding my clothes you are there to bring all the stuffs I need, your still wash my clothes and ironing it you all do that until now even I grown up already, I look like a baby sometimes and I still feel that way hehe☺ I’m so fortunate to have you in my life, being a dragon baby is lucky and to have you made me lucky.

 I’m sorry for being such a spoiled brat sometimes, but I know you see the changes in me while growing up. I know you see the maturity I’ve been through, and I thank you for teaching me how to accept all the things we have and we don’t.
Mama, I love you very much and no matter what happen I’m still be here in your side, we face the trials and problems together and I promise I wont leave you. I pray to god and I always ask to give you a good health, more blessing, make you a strong person and guide you every time.

Happy Mothers day and Happy Birthday Mom I love you mwah!♥♥♥


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