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These past few weeks if you notice I’m not blogging about my outfits instead about encouragements in life, just realizing that life is not always a sunny days but it may sometimes a thunder storms. I felt I’m in showbiz that full in controversy but I don’t want to talk about it because it’s too complicated issue that I don’t want until now to talk about because it’s still hurts, but it’s not about my boyfriend, friend and not even my family it’s about someone who is rude, making stories that not appropriate in the place that should be said and don’t know the right manners. Being a woman there’s no true men who will tell non-sense things and lies to other people with no motives who just wanted to destroy the life of other. 

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I’m still hurt but I need to be strong in all the trials that comes to my life the good thing God is there to give ne strength and making my parents, relatives and friends as an instrument for guiding me, giving me advise, listening to what I say, believing me and supporting me in all the things I suffer in this controversy.

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I should say for now I’m in the healing stage but I will keep my heart strong and no fear to face trial and problems. I keep myself to release all the hatred and live the wonderful life. Just like what Jesus told us “vengeance is mine” and just like him I forgive and forget what he does to me, I leave it all to him just like what he said “cast all your cares upon me”.

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I know it’s not good to start the week but I just keep all away the negative thoughts. So I’m starting a new page in life.

Happy Monday


  1. lovin the yellow shoes!:)



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