I Dream Big!!!

My Pap told me, If I will dream I need to dream big and it must reach the heavens above so that the lord will know my heart desire because our god is rich and he can give everything we want in the right place and in the right time. Asking something to him is always having an answer like: A quick response because god knows you need this NOW agad, Waiting because only god knows when is the right time to answer your prayers, and last but not the least No answers because only god know what is the best for you.

And because it’s free this are my dreams:

1ST I want to have a closet because to tell you the truth I have no decent cabinet as in, for a huge clothes that I have now sadly there is no space for them so I place them in the durabox with wheels. Why durabox?  Because it is less space and it’s easy for me to pull and push it.

2ND Being a shoe lover I really want to have a place for my platform but sadly again there is no space and place for them so I just put them to their own box and place them in the stairs.

We don’t have a big house to have a big place for my stuffs so I dream this BIG!

3RD Picture-picture-click-click, I know you noticed how I love pictures hindi maiitatangi yan?! Why S100? This is just a digicam but the price is the same in dslr na mura ah? When I ask how much is it nanlaki ang mata ko at kinalma ko sarili ko paano naman kasi hindi un ang expected price ko eh P29, 000.00 lang naman daw kapag credit card kaoag cash naman P26, 000.00, aun bakit ko nga ba eto gusto simple lang parang slr lang ang picture after the shoots and I want a handy dandy camera na kahit nasan ako pwede ko madala ng walang hassle.

4TH I think many of you asking why shuttle bus, at bakit hindi naman! Hehe☺ ok ganito kasi yan I saw a van that vending in the street and I took that as an inspiration and I want shuttle para gawing boutique parang mobile boutique lang oks bay un? Na mismo papasok ang mga clients para dun bumili at isa pa tipid din un sa advertising kasi lalagyan ko un ng label para pag dumaan ka sa edsa at nakatabi mo ung shuttle ko alam mo na! hehe☺ wala lang maiba lang sa strategy divah!? It’s kinda weird but more different to others in short unique!
Aun thanks for reading tsup♥

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