I can't hide it

Every morning I wake up thinking what will I do today or what’s for today? They said every morning is a begging and every morning is a blessing. All of us have problems and most of us are strong to face it. My motto for my everyday life in the office is “ Wag mong dalhin ang problema mo sa opisina, iwan mo yan sa bahay”  but who the hell can escape thinking those problems if it starts in your own house. I though I can hide it but even I laugh and smile they can see my true feelings inside, yes they! Because my two colleagues ask me “what wrong with you?  Do you have any problem that I can help with hugs” Even I want to hide it somebody sees what inside. True! When I have problem I assure to my self that when I left to our house I left also all the worries and problems there just like what Jesus said cast all your cares upon me, I left all of that because I know that when I got home all the problems that I have is just like a bubbles that pops. I thank god for giving me strength and for the answered prayers.

Anyways here’s what I wore today:

Bolero from Dress me up, Old close neck sleeve less, Old sling belt, Bottom from Cozzi, Platform from Anya's Collection

 And here's the bible verse that i read this morning:

Proverbs 13:15

Good understanding giveth favour: but the way of transgressors is hard.

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