Harvey and Arlene's Nuptial

Last Saturday we went to Harvey and Arlene’s wedding in Pampanga, which is held in San Guillermo church at 4pm. I like the church because its old I like oldies and you know that. It’s all worth it to go in pampang even it’s to far because we wanted to see the one of the happiest moment of Harvey naks!

I really enjoyed the whole wedding, even a blink of an eye don’t used to do because I don’t want to miss something because attending Harvey and arlene’s wedding is all worth it. (haha☺ paulit -ulit lang?!)

Actually I love the most in that event are the photographers because there are amazing as in napanganga ako! Haha☺ but the whole team is good also, Oh sige na nga! I will tell the truth na, the whole event is the almost exactly I want in my wedding as in. Pak na  pak!

I also say wow in the reception venue which held in Kings Royale ang bonga! Love it…

Congratulation Harvey and Arlene

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