The Stripes

They said stripes clothes are enhancing our physical looks, I mean our body. A Vertical line helps to look tall and slim while the horizontal lines help to look thick (chubby). So why I’m wearing stripes? There’s no reason. Not to be thin to be thick.

Actually I gain so much weight since I’m been working in the office and the body I use to have before is the look I wanted to bring back but since its hard to bring it back I decided to let it be (harsh)

Last Holy week, is the week to have chance to take a rest and sit down and watch TV like there’s no tomorrow. There was a movie that I watched, that movie is about PAT GIRLS (pretty and thick girls) their FAT as in big girls who is lonely and single but they’re  fashionable and beautiful (please watch it for more info.). The lesson of that movie for me is you don’t need to be thin or thick love is everywhere and waiting for the right time to came along.

 Here's what i'm wearing Last Sunday:

Top from Karzal
Bottom from Karzal
Old Belt
Platform from Anya's Collection


  1. stripes can definitely help define and exaggerate a woman's physique. your maxi is cute!! hope that your week is well hun


    1. True, Thanks Jamie. I hope your week too☺



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