Stripes vs. Flower

What do you think in my new hair cut? I have a hair cut twice first last month then I still
Don’t know what I want so I decided to cut it again. The truth is I don’t know what I really want to do in my hair, so when I’m in the salon I just ask the person who will cut my hair; like this, what is the beautiful hair cut and suits in me? So he said layered hair cut do you want? So I answered ok yes! Ganun lang kabilis walang ako pumayag wala man lang akong palag hehe☺

After the hair cut I never expect that my hair will be short like this, but just like I said it’s alright, alangan naman maglupasay ako sag alit eh kasalanan ko naman kung bakit nagkaganito. Pero everyone loves my new hair cut they said mas bagay daw sakin.

Anyways, change topic what do you think my new Diy Skirt? This skirt was made by my mom, before she done this, she ask me first what I want to be the design of this skirt? Are you asking where the design is that? If you can see the skirt is having a triangle shape in the end, before that part is empty as in no design at all it looks like a big slit, so since I wanted it to be different I decided to add a fabric which is an eye catchy, I know it’s not match to add a flower printed but I think its nice.

Last Sunday, I wore it and I have a hard time to think what I should wore on my top, so since it haves a flower print I wore a back-less printed to match in my Diy skirt and of course I need a cover up so I match a cardigan which is really match in my stripes skirt. So means walang na-op sa damit ko hehe☺

How bout you guys? How’s your Sunday?

Cardigan from Dress Me Up
Back-less from Ms. Closet
Diy Skirt by My Mom
Black wedge sandals from Anya’s Collection


  1. ure hair sure looks nice,, good haircut!!

    thanks for dropping by mess on IFB. Keep in touch :)

    (do participate on a worldwide Giveaway open on my blog)


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