Last Monday morning, I was lazy to woke up as in I felt it was Thursday already I mean holy week. So when I get up and go to work Me, Papang and Tween are planning to go in quezon, where is papang’s place. I’m confused and I’m having a hard time to think if I will go there or not. The main reason why I’m in 50/50 it just because I know my mum doesn’t want me to go anywhere; she wanted me to stay at home and to spend my time to them. Our work that week is just Monday to Tuesday only so meaning it’s a long vacation right? But unfortunately when I ask my mum if I can go with papang, she answered no, see I’m right!

So Last week Papang goes to his hometown, Tween goes in a fun vacation and me? L That’s what my face looks like, because when I’m in the house I just do nothing but to eat, sleep and watch DVDs that’s all nothings special. I feel so bored that time at kulang na lang gumulong ako sa bahay namen ng may magawa lang ako hays! At last the work day starts.

How bout you? How do you spend your long vacation? I hope you enjoyed!

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