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I’m so happy today because I’m already debits free Yahoo! Having a debit is a worst thing happen to all people, but you can’t escape of that especially if you are in tempted buy those credit cards, I’ am right? To those who have a credit card, thank god I haven’t one kasi lagot sakin un haha☺ why do I have a debit? And where did I borrow money? Here in the office we have a cooperative where you can borrow money but with interest.

Paying all your debits is the hardest thing but if you want to breathe easily you must pay it, so that you will be debit free like me. I laugh when someone ask me why I said it’s hurting my heart when I’m paying my debits, I just said its hurt! Then she said what do you want? Be free in debits with no money? Or maybe you have money but not free in debits? I answered FREE IN DEBITS WITH MONEY! Haha☺ how about that? Is it sounds nice?

Anyways here’s what I wore today:

How about you? Did you have a debit like me?  What is your experience having those debits?  

Happy weekend☺ xoxo♥

Made in glory from china

Thrift skirt

Black wedge from Anya’s collection

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