Old Denim Blue

This denim dress was with me over the years this is one of my mum’s collection. If you noticed some of my clothes are no label or unknown label because my mum’s bought it to me and sometimes if I got lucky she just gave it to me and sometimes if I’m so lucky my mum’s friend give us a freebies of clothes. I don’t shop my clothes a lot from stores, mall or boutique, just because I don’t need it. Now you know why? And my another reason is I don’t want stuff which is not affordable or maybe I’m born KURIPOT or let say I just don’t need to buy, why should I? If I got it free right?

Being addicted in clothes and shoes, I thank god because I got all this stuff for free or just an affordable one. It’s like a medicine to me.

Here’s what I’m wearing today:

So that’s it for now happy week end! ♥

Denim dress From Dress Me Up
Old Sling belt
Denim Shoes From Anya’s collection


  1. love all your outfit bhezhie..!! pguwi ko make-over mo ung mga iuuwi kong outfit pblik ng canada huh.. love you so much and miss uhh.. mwaauuuhhh

    1. Thanks bhezhie, sure why not kaw pa... hehe..
      I love you too♥


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