My shoe is with zipper

Yesterday, Is my first day of work in the office, and actually I’m not working the usual I mean, I’ve been a substitute secretary of our VP. It’s my first time and of course! I don’t even know how I will work there; I’m feeling so nervous also and there’s a funny thing’s happened, just a quick story.

The VP calls me and actually he had a meeting with my manager and supervisor that time.

VP: Saraih?

Me: Yes Sir?

He spoke something and It’s not clear to me he ask me to call someone and I heard rennel (Papang’s name) so I walk to the door and ask him.

Me: Ah sir? Is it rennel?

He Laughs, also my manager and supervisor laugh too…

VP: haha… no I said Roel

Me: haha… ah ok sir I will call him.

It’s a laugh trip right? Because its sounds the same Rennel and Roel are the same if you spoke and heard it. Actually I secretly laugh at my chair super.

Another one, when I’m answering the phone actually we have a spiel, of course its not the same spiel when I’m there, since I’m doing my own spiel when I answered the phone there I spoke my own spiel which is not supposed to be haha…

Me: DMCI Documentation???

Caller: Documentation? Ikaw talaga sasa!

Me: haha… I’m sorry ma’am nasanay lang!

Last one, When VP asks me to photocopy. I asks someone to assist me because our photocopy here in the office is with codes before you start so since I’m in the another department I need someone to help me.

Me: Ms. Secretary? Can you please help me?

Secretary: Sure my dear sasa…

So she teaches me how and assists me and leaves me there. So that time when I’m in the photocopier and waiting the papers unfortunately, there a message appear in the screen says JAM PAPER! Shocks I’m so confused because VP needs that before to start the meeting hays! I’m in a hurry and don’t know what to do, so I adjust something push there pull here at last there’s no paper jam.

Grabe ang kawaleyan ko that time! Hays ewan ko ba napaka kabado ko eh! And syempre sa tagal ng vacation wala pa ako sa sarili hehe.
So you guys? How’s your first day of work?

Top from Bangkok
Pencil cut from Divisoria (P250.00 only)
Platform from Anya’s collection

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