Who the hell don’t know where we could buy cheap stuffs? We all know where it is right? The cheapest shopping place is now in a new look, and that place is DIVISORIA. Why I said new look? Because before that place was so crowded and its looks like a market and there is no place or space to drive or park your car and some of all people believes who not frequently go there it’s the scary place kasi talamak dun ang nakawan ng cellphone o pera kung aanga-anga ka!

Today, if you go there you will love the place. They added new malls which you can buy and choose as many as you want. Still the place outside the malls are crowded and I think there’s no way to keep them away but it’s alright because I much love them because if the price in the mall are cheap, its more cheaper than in the out side hehe… and sometimes it’s almost the same stuff inside and outside.

To be specific, the mall I was talking is the 168 mall (the mall name comes from the lucky Chinese number) yes that is so lucky because the first time it builds tinaob nya ang lahat ng mall sa divisoria why? Because that mall is maintaining its cleanliness and you are surely secured, because in every entrance it haves each security guards. Now 168 mall had expanded there place.

For those who don’t know, before I lived in Tondo, Manila and DIVISORIA is so near to me as in (walking distance if you want to walk) so since then that place is one I love kaya nga sanay ako sa mura eh! At sanay akong tumawad although all the things there are affordable usong-uso dun ang tawad! Hehe… So when we move in, in Taguig it’s so hard to me to go in DIVISORIA super! Not like before if I want to go there it’s just a one step away but now no if I want to go there I must have a checklist yung bang walang ng balikan pa haha... para masulit kasi parang province ang layo ko the good thing is, if I go there I just need to ride a train its one way only and it’s P15.00 only see how affordable and it takes 30-45 minutes yun nga lang 1 hour interval ang trip ng train (PNR).

So since I’m so far in DIVISORIA and since its HOLY WEEK last week I had a chance to go there with my mom she need to go there to fix some stuffs and I get that chance to shop something para lang may magawa habang nagaantay.

Here are a few photos I have for you to see some clothes and stuffs na pasok na pasok sa budget at magaganda pa: (these shoots are taken in the 168 mall i mean the expanded)

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