Being an affordable cost master I will start to share to you how affordable outfit and platforms I have may ganon? Haha hindi ba pwedeng kuripot lang talaga ako? So let me share to you where do I get my platforms which I already shared to you before but I know there is no further information about Anya.

Did you even notice that almost of my platforms are from Anya’s Collection? I know you’ve notice it. Platforms that I wore are from a Korean guy who sells affordable yet unique platforms and the good thing is he always offers a limited stock so that you would appreciate your unique platform. He don’t have a brand name actually I’m just giving him a tag name because most of his collection are named in Korean language, meaning all the stuff he sells are in different brand. I call him Anya because it means in Chinese is KUYA (older brother).

I always buy my platform to Anya, since I was in college from then I never want to buy with someone else choz! Naku Anya dapat malaki ang discount mo sakin kasi nirerefer kita haha joke! Since Anya is a Korean sometimes we couldn’t understand him but it’s alright at least he understand me that I want a discount haha. When I  have a chance to go to Anya I don’t control my self to buy just one even I promised to my self, means I don’t buy one platform only I bought a lot of platforms 2 to 6 max. If you a shoe lover you understand what I’m talking about.

Ok, now I will share to you where you can see Anya. If you know where you can see the cheapest shopping mall in Manila you will know where I mean. Anya is located in 168 mall in the old building, to be exact his store is in the second building phase e or pasilio e rather. If you’re asking how affordable the platform is the cost ranging are P100.00 up to P500.00, P700.00. It’s affordable right? So if you have a chance to go there in divisoria, you can visit his store and I warn you, you will be addicted to his platforms so if your planning to go there bring an extra money haha joke☺

Here’s what I wore today:

“I believed we don’t know need expensive thing to express our love in fashion.” Sasa

Blazer from Dress me up; P280.00 only
Old Sleeve less
Bottoms from Thrift Shop
Platforms from Anya’s Collection; P350.00 only

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