Flesh from the fresh

This was my first time to wear  this dress yesterday actually this is not new. The reason why I don’t wore it the time I had it, because I don’t see it a lot I mean it was been separated in my closet it must be together in my dress but since my mum separated it for the reason that she don’t want me to wear it as pang office or what so ever she wanted me to wear this as pang bahay! Ha-ha… nakakaloka diba? I saw this dress last week: just a quick story,

Me: Ma, pakuha naman ng pang bahay (I just got home and tired)

Mum: Okay, oh eto na lang…

Me: Eh ma, parang feeling ko dapat ata pang office ko to! Pwede to! Bakit ko pang babahay?

Mum: Ano ka ba? Pang bahay mo nalang yan hindi naman yan maganda eh!

Me: May ganun? Eh sige na ma, oks pa to eh saying naman madame naman ako dyan daster eh un nalang!

Mum: Sige ikaw ang bahala.

I really don’t know why she don’t want it, eh oks naman diba? What do you think?

When I’m in the house I always wear a daster some kind of dress which is breezy, because I wanted to feel fresh and it was so relaxing when you wore those stuff and nasa bahay lang naman ako diba? Actually, when you said daster it is known as dress of an old woman since I’m not old there’s nothing wrong to wear something you comfortable right?

Here’s what I wore yesterday: 

How bout you? what clothes do you prefer when you stay at home?

Dress from H.K
Belt bids from boracay
Platform from Anya's Collection

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