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Do you believe in this saying? If you drink a lot of coffee, the effect is you will be having a hard time in sleeping Hmm… at first I don’t believe that because I never experience that but then last week of Monday to Thursday I’m having a lack of sleep, I feel like I’m having a insomnia, I’m so hyper and I feel drogie I mean is, hindi naman ako nakakatikim ng dugs pero parang naka-drugs lang hehe☺ .I cant sleep even my body want to take a rest but yet when I close my eyes my mind keeps on thinking something, parang walang kapagoran, makakatulog ako tapos magigising ako ng 12,1,3, 4 am hays, so when I’m going to work I feel so tired and sleepy.

Now I know, what is the effect of drinking much coffee, so to be sure I stop drinking my slimming coffee just to see if that is the reason why I’m having a hard time in sleeping and I decided to lessen in drinking coffee, but I know compare to a coffee drinker ako ang pinaka konti uminum nun, 5 is just a water to them right?

So instead of drinking coffee, I must prefer to drink more water right?

How bout you? Do you experience what I experienced?

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