Crazy, Clumsy and Careless: Pissed of in your undies

When I was a kid I played a lot as long as want and when the moment comes the nature is calling (need to pee) I keep on playing that there’s no tomorrow, and I don’t want to go in toilet because I feel lazy, so when I feel that it will burst out that’s the time I will pee, and surely I will run and I will cross my legs as long I can but unfortunately one step closer to the toilet my pee will go thru meaning I cant make it.

This scenario is always with me until when I go in high school. Being so lazy girl, I always have extra underwear in my bag.

Still now I’m lazy lady, but I learned from my experienced so when the nature is calling even it’s just a beep I go to the restroom right ahead quite sometimes.

I know not all you experienced this but some of my childhood friends doing this too when they’re kid, happily I’m not the only one doing this thing.

PS. This is my real experienced and my old time when I was a kid, that I wanted to share to you, being a crazy, clumsy and careless brain child Lady ♥♥♥


  1. Hahahaha :D first I love the photo, second you're so funny! It happens to me sometimes, I always run like a crazy boy to toilet because I was too lazy to go pee the second I felt it!

  2. Haha thanks cliff, and i think everyones felt it, but i'm happy at least im not the only does that...hehe


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