Crazy, Clumsy and Careless: Manhole

What is the craziest thing you made in your entire life? Yes I said most! I have many crazy things made in my life but this is different let me tell story of being a curious little girl.

I was in grade school when there is a renovation in our street, in that street it haves a manhole with full of water, I think there making a line for our water. I know all of you loves to play in water when you are little, imagining you are in the pool when you are in your house comfort room right? Together with your ugly duckling floating friend. Being a curious and a loner I go to our street alone and looking at that manhole with  a clean water so later on I sit down and putting my feet over there and so on I sweep down like a  non-swimmer of course that time I don’t know how to swim, I’m so afraid because there was no people helped me, and that time I believed I will die but there was a hand who pulled me out of that manhole but believe me or not that hand is just a I feeling, I don’t see it promise! Maybe that is god who helps me. After pulling me there I’m like a wet chick who run in our house then my mom ask me what happened to me, and I was afraid she might get angry but I tell her the truth and I’m crying because I’m so afraid, till then I was afraid of water.

The good thing is I’m safe thank you lord for saving me. Having a experienced like that was a huge trauma in my life. When I was a kid every year when summer comes my mom and I together with her friends always love to go in the beach, but when I think that water in that manhole I was so afraid to swim letting my self to believed it will happened again. Then one day I asked my self, why until now I’m still afraid. I really want to face my fears and I really want to swim.

Now I know how to swim but not a swimmer but at least I know how right?!

How about you do you experienced something like this? Or it’s just only me haha☺

 PS. This is my real experienced and my old time when I was a kid, that I wanted to share to you, being a crazy, clumsy and careless brain child Lady ♥♥♥

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