Crazy, Clumsy and Careless: Forgetting something to wear

Girls are having their stages in life and one of that is having a menstruation then having a breasts. Would you believe? When I was in high school I forgot to wear a bra not just ones but twice don’t get me wrong it’s not my fault if I’m not gifted with those boobies for me to forgot to wore something right? haha…

I was in a 6 grade when I first have a menstruation and yes I’m a early with those things and I started also to wear a bra which at first is not comfortable right? Do you agree? It’s so itchy and I feel uneasy, and there was a time I ask my mum to not to wear those stuff coz its driving me crazy since it’s not obvious.

Sometimes I’m thinking if I would wear a bra maybe it will enhanced my breast and I will regret that I don’t do that if that’s the real reason to I don’t have such boobies.

I’m still grateful for the things I have and not. Physical changes might be good or not its alright at least I have a little one.☺

PS. This is my real experienced and my old time when I was a kid, that I wanted to share to you, being a crazy, clumsy and careless brain child Lady ♥♥♥


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