Crazy, Clumsy and Careless: Door knob hit

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When I was a little girl I’m one of the choir member in our church they called it Children’s choir. Being a choir in our church I’m required to attend our practice, since I’m just a kid my priority that time is to play (I’m sorry for that). I’ve been so lazy to go in our practice, but my mum always forcing me to join them. Then one day, it was Friday and it’s our overnight prayer meeting and that day is our practice so my mum ask me to go in our practice, I feel so lazy that time but I don’t want my mum to get angry with me, I still go there but I’m late (I’m always late actually). I’m in a hurry that time coz I’m late then I saw the door was locked and I can’t pulled it so I keep on knocking the door and I heard behind that door is shouting and playing so I guess they don’t heard my knock, but I’m in patient that time because I’ve been waiting for them to open the door, I keep pulling and knocking the door, then someone pulled the knob and when he pulled it and trying to open the door and so do I ,meaning were pulling the knob together and then he opened the door with force so the knob hits me at my forehead and I fell down in the floor, so they founded me sitting down in the floor touching my forehead its quite ashamed but its hurt.

The good thing in this experienced, I meet my best friend Hazel she helped me stand and go to the comfort room, when we are talking the time we know each other we just laugh and laugh actually she laughs at me haha.. I felt ashamed that time but that the time I meet a true friend.

Sometimes accident is in our way and we don’t know who the people in that way but who knows the person who passes by is the one is meant for you.

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