I get this dress at the thrift shop when I was in 2nd year college; imagine how long I have this dress. The first time I saw this dress I was a little bit confused, but that time patok ang Korean style and you know how they dress diba? kinda weird at first, that was the  first thing in my mind when I got this dress but since its unique I bought it. And that time was my first time to buy in the thrift shop kasi if you are inpatient looking for a cloth there maiinis ka tlaga at aalis ka nalng but that time kasi im with my friend tween sya ung may pasimuno talaga nun eh na pumunta dun so pinagbigyan ko kahit hindi ako sanay bumili dun aba?! Ok naman pala basta magaling ka pumili kasi in the thrift shop there are so many good clothes pero sometimes we don’t want to buy a second hand cloth kasi we can buy naman a new one diba? pero if you are in the mood or trip mo lang maiba thrift shop is one of the place where you can see a unique and affordable clothes, and wala naming masamadiba? if you buy a second hand cloth? And if know how to look your clothes brand new nasasayo naman un. My tips in buying  thrift clothes you must sterilize it first or ibabad ng maigi para wala ang germs at chemicals ng damit then after that labhan ng mabuti, second choose the better cloth and check is there’s a damage or stain kasi nga mahirap maglaba diba?. third don’t wear you clothes how many time parang walang day-off kasi nag fafade kapag lagging nilalabhan or pinaplantsa at dapt kapag sinuot mo ulit iba naman ang ka match para hindi sabihin na yan nanaman?
And fourth make it brand new I mean when you wear it dapat maging iba put some accessories or belts and match you must put some spice to make the difference para naman hindi halata diba?

Remember there is nothing wrong whether your clothes are second hand or brand new it’s up to you how you dress it.☺

Dress from the thrift shop
Rubber shoes from anya’s collection

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