Navy Blue

I wore this dress twice, even if I wore this up to three times I will wear it coz it’s comfy and easy to wear, but not the same color of belt and shoes again to be different hehe…

Any color of blue (navy blue, light blue, powder blue and aqua blue) is not my favorite color actually I don’t like blue but navy blue kasi make sense for me coz its dark it gave a tone to my skin. Before i don’t want to wear blue as in nagaaway kame ng nanay ko kasi maka pink at red ako pero lagi nya ko pinagsusuot ng blue, green at yellow but now I can and I want to wear all the colors kahit rainbow pa yan haha… iba na talaga ang nagmamatured nuh?! And in fashion kasi you must wear colors and know how to mix and match them.

How bout you? What is you favorite color?

Dress from Bangkok
Old belt
Wedge from Anya’s Collection

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  1. beautiful dress!!!i'm following your blog!!!


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