Lavander flower

Do you like wearing flats? If yes! Is your leg feels any pain? I know it’s a confusing question, but that was my feeling when I’m wearing flats literal, my legs feels some kind of sprain and it’s not comfortable, the funny thing when I’m wearing flats my feet keeps on tip-toeing. Actually I’m lady in heels, I feel comfortable wearing those high heels that make me tall and I can even run wearing it.

 There’s a time I want to have flats, but then I always prefer to buy heels even it’s not on the plan. I really want to wear flats, just to make my feet take some rest in heels and I want my feet to be comfortable wearing it yung bang masanay naman sya! Kaya dapat araw arawin ko haha! So I’m wearing flats 3 days straight Yahoo!

How bout you? What platform makes you comfortable?

White blazer from Dress me up
Dress from 168 mall divisoria
Flats from Toms


  1. Pretty!

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