The basic colors when buying clothes are White, Black and Brown, because these colors are easy to match and its suit in every skin tones. Are you agreeing? Matching plain tops on plain skirt or short or even pants are boring? For me it’s the most simple and it’s up to you how it dresses right? How bout this, have you tried to wear prints? As in all prints top to bottom? I’ve heard someone saying its baduy! Or not look good to wear, but there’s no different with plain and prints when it comes to matching again its all up to you.

Being a lady who love to dress I look my self as a simple person, who just dress with no accessories just me, my clothes adding a belt and a platform. I don’t see my self with some kind of stuff like earrings, ring or bracelet thou I love seeing those stuff but wearing them is a big no, no, because its not allowed to our religion, Even there’s a barrier, I don’t want to look an old fashion lady, and I keep my self to be fashionable.

I believe that all of us are fashionable in all ways, just be your self and dress what you want, plain or prints and light or dark colors any of this makes you fabulous if you know what makes you beautiful.

White short sleeves polo from Dress me up
Old Black and Brown belt
Black Skirt from Mayon
Black wedge from Anya’s Collection

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