Android Photo Editing Applications

Do you love editing or adding some effects to your photos? But having a hard time on it, because sometimes your photos are in your mobile phone and you need to transfer it to your computer? And some of us don’t know how to use adobe Photoshop. No need to worry if you have an android phone you can upload some applications to help you to make your photos more unique and beautiful.

Here’s some application that I have in my phone:

Beauty Camera

Camera Effects

Cartoon Camera


Color Touch


Photo Wonder

Little Photo

Actually, I really want to know how to use adobe Photoshop but unfortunately it cant sink in to my mind, but good to know that there are application like this which is suit for me who loves to edit photos and don’t want to waist time to upload and to edit it my to computer it’s a more help for me to take photos in my mobile phone then edit them and then upload it to my blog and face book

These applications are a friendly user and there is no hard time in cropping and editing your photos it’s a hassle free. I’m absolutely addicting this photo editing and this application is a must try, because it haves a lot of effects and believe me you will enjoy it☺

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