Hi Watsup guys? long time no look☺ Super sorry guys hindi naman ako tamad mag blog or what so ever its just super dami ko lang pinag-kaka busyhan...next time i will blog it give me some time kasi im collating all those happy pictures i have in our pre-valentine and summer outing.

Anyways, about this outfit ayaw ko naman talaga mag yellow nuh!? hahaha... this is so unexpected and i blame this all in my new babies (my shoe) i got this by a reward, my manager give me a g.c because for being so punong-abala (organizer) of our pre-valentine and summer outing... actually super unexpected and im so surprise because before my manager and i start the meeting for the raffle we tabulate the winners and kung sino ang may award and all of our prizes is gift checks madame un actually kaya ung iba pina raffle namen so un nung nagmeeting na kame with our team leaders and other booking organizer namimigay na and their announcing the awards so next the booking organizer and me? hindi ako nag expect kasi hindi namen napag usapan eh.. and then ako na ang tinawag at binigyan super saya ko kasi super dami ng blessings ko and worth lahat ng ginawa kong pagod...☺ wiiiii! so sa super tuwa ko after work inaya ko si papang ng if we can go in moa sabi naman nya bakit daw? sabi ko naman eh sige na kasi bibili ako ng new shoe oh diba? wala lang para lang may souvenir hehehe...then nagisip ako anu ba e-teterno ko sa new shoes ko so tamang tamang i have a new yellow skirt love it! so un happy thurday guys...☺

Top from limited stock
Skirt from mama
Belt old
Semi-boots from Parisian


Surely our grief he himself bore, and our sorrows he carried; yet we ourselves esteemed him stricken, smitten of god and afflicted.
Isaiah 53:4

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