Post - Valentines Edition#3

After the HR's event one of my office mate making pahaging na sana i have an event this feb so since it valentines kinabog ata namen ang event ng hr hahaha joke lang! syempre we do it our own ways and some kind of funny things just to enjoy valentines first i just post a teaser, since its valentines we must wear red even touch of red keri na un!

just like this we post different kinds of pick-up lines actually at first hindi namen alam anung gagawin sa board pero i decided na pickup lines nalang and all of that are contribution of everyone and ofcourse everybody is welcome to send me a message para ma-iscreen ko at pano ko ini-iscreen simple kapag natawa at kinilig ako aun patok

This is my decorator team and for me their are awesome super dami ng ideas na nagyari and kung hindi din dahil saka nila wala kameng decoration 


This post of pick up lines is partial only pero ang dami na agad diba? and believed me when i said na kapag kayo mismo ang nakabasa sasakit ang tyan nyo kakatawa 

This board naman is our photo board where they can post their pictures with their friends and loved one

and this are some of pick up lines from my papang that i post there  na sabi nga nya wag ko na ipagkalat kasi para sakin daw un!!! ang corny nuh!? pero kinilig ako!!! ahahaha

This is our photo wall, we made it super tagal and super hirap but, but its all worth it!!! the materials we have there are paper creeps only and colored paper's plus the genius OJT  na nag lettering

At  dahil photo wall nga namen to we must have some shoots

me with my T.L
me with O.M
me with mommy fluer the blogger!!!

 I had so much fun doing this event actually we just ate last valentines is so simple lang pandesal and zesto hahaha not bad naman diba? atleast meron kesa nganga sila!!! so aun ang dami ko pa talaga kwento at napak dami ko pa kwento pasensya na talaga guys sa super late anu bang bago nuh! oh sya sya! babawi din ako!


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