Long last lipstick in cheap price?

Vitamin Enriched-Line
Moisture Intense Lipstick SPF 15

Are you asking for a long lasting lipstick but cheap? yeah it haves at old fuller life now named in tupperware brand.Im a lipstick lover and i always searching a lipstick na kahit kumain ako nandun parin, actually makakakita ka naman talaga nun eh kaso mahal then my officemate ask me to buy in fuller life one month to pay pa un ah! madali kasi akong kausap kaya nag order ako agad but i never think that i will find the lipstick i really wanted, everytime i drink a water still nandun parin sya as in napaka haba ng oras na hindi sya nag fade diba ok na ok para sa nagtitipid? ok na ang quality cheap pa! nawawala lang sya kapag kakain ka ng oily foods. I think this lipstick cost less than a 200 pesos oh diba ang taray?. Actually i have a 3 shade its coral fusion, paradise pink and rouge red, i choose the Moisture Intense Lipstick. SO guys you should really try it and you will also love it...


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