Im so full and its your fault FOOD!

In my continuous celebration I'm one of the celebrant in the month of September and in our office the HR Dept. always have an event called birthday salu-salo means all the birthday celebrant and the new employees are invited to celebrate with us diba? bonga! So many food's and im so full and i have a take out food's for my team hehehe.. im so kapal nga eh para akong nanlimas heheh neweiz i wish everyday is birthday hehehe so much fun and i love it♥ Guys sorry for the bluerrrrrdddyyyy pictures coz im just pleasing someone to take our picture while singing happy birthday to us celebrants and for blowing the cutie candles☺

My invitation

Sir ARA our president


Clap while singing

BLow go!

Happy Birthday clap; sing #1

happy birth; sing; clap #2

Sing; clap #3

hehehe i know someones taking up picture

Add caption

Me with izzy

Game before eating? hays! (pinoy henyo)

Bithday celebrant team

Newly hired team ( they won)



Waitng for the event start

Gray stripe top old from divisoria
 Comfy gray skirt from ukay-ukay
White wedge rubber slippers From Anya's collection


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