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Yeah yeah its a whole week celebration i know its so much fun and i know your envy with the so much food i ate hahaha just kidding! dont worry this is the last. ME and the five celebrants in our department have a birthday salu-salo too in our department, then before the event comes we had a so much head ache particularly me coz im the "Punong Abala"  means the coordinator hehehe... we always celebrate this every month so its hard to be different to others to think what we should prepare for lunch then due to advise and request kasi lokang loka na ako sa pagiisip they ask for a fish yap! kasi hindi na kame nakakain ng fish masyado more on beff, chicken etc. so i decided is to have a menu: Fried tilapia; egg plant; red egg; tomatoe; bagoong; green mango.Diba? so filipino hehehe..in dessert we have a pitchie pitchie and a siomai (sponsor) with orange juice to be more paring.. hehehe so i guess parang dinala ko sila sa bahay at kumaen ng lutong bahay db?. Actually we have 80 serving's to be more exact so i need to give all my powers coz i need to budget our money then its all worth it and successful thanks god they all full hahah... the sad thing is im not able to take some pictures coz im so busy to assist my subordinates coz im the server also oh db bonga!? ...☺

Green sweter from ukay-ukay
Violet tube from bangkok
Crocs flats

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