Monday madness with my twins and boys

Its monday and i have a sched with my twins and boys... coz its a long time we havent seen each other except kay papang na everyday ko kasama heheheh... its so much fun talaga when you are with your true friends kasi ibang iba parin kasi ang pag kaka kilanlan nyo diba? alam ko lam nyo what im saying kasi din im the kind of person na iilan lang ang tinuturing kung true friends and im so thankfull to our dearest father that he give me the very sexy beautiful and kind friends.... super saya ng monday kahit pagod pag uwe hehehe busog na busog ako kasi naman tong si jen grabe pag pakain hehhehe oo jen babawi kame sayo! super dame ng pics hirap pa mauplod but this pic is my top one! i love it.... here below.

Seductive pose yan me, jen, and gie

papang, me, jen, gie, kezo

white korean sweter from my ms. cabinet; with channel white wedge

I miss you guys next time again...

sasa love♥

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