Day 12 — Something you bought recently

Wedge korean (abbao) shoes

i really love the swelas diba?
I usually bought my sandals to my moms friend he is a korean i call him "Anya" in chinese kuya... some of my sandals are so cheap kasi im so kurips and i usually buy 2 sandals everytime i buy it kasi naman i always have choices kasi nahihirapan ako kaya binibili ko nalng dalawa agad heheheh... and you know whta all of the sandals and shoes of anya's collection is super unique, as far as you know all of my sandals and shoes are fabolous... I just bought this wedge for as low as 600 each.

quick story of anya:

anya is a korean and he is not good in english nor in tagalog and my mom usually making tawad heheh and he always answer's us in there launguage hehehe akala nya kasi until now hindi kame filipino hahaha.. nakakatawa kasi lagi syang pumapayag at kaya sya sumasagot ng di namen naiintindihan para hindi malaman ng iba na bumibili...


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