Etiquette and the people you don’t want to meet on the MRT and LRT

Its was just a laugh trip when i still remmber when im riding a train going to office eh kasi naman ang aus aus ng suot mo at pag labas mo lasug lasug ka na at halos makahalikan mo ang katapat mo at syempre naman ang magkasangaan kayo ng boobs kung meron naman hahaha... even you came at the lrt before 7am may mas maaga pa sayo day! hahah at worst pa neto kapag nasira ang train gosh!... sa pag uwe mo naman same scenario so wats new db? pero eto naman anu ba ang mga taong isa pa sa nakakasira ng araw mo? i just read it in yahoo and its informative for me...

Here are some examples of people you don’t want to meet in any of the crowded trains in Metro Manila:
The Crazed Addict – For whatever reason, this is the person you’d most hate to be riding with in a train. The crazy addict would tend to mumble or talk a lot of nonsense and even argue about anyone he thinks is sneering at him. The hard part is when this type of person suddenly becomes physically violent. Watch an example of this type of person in this video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWjsXcTFOnc)
The Preacher – Buses are no longer the domain of religious fanatics who preach the Bible to passengers. These types of persons are still rarely seen in metro trains. Sadly, even the loud sound of the train traveling on metal tracks isn’t enough to drown out the sound of these people who scream at the top of their voice in order to let everyone in the train cab hear the Word of God. An example of the preacher is found in this video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qILldqRKnZc).
The Glutton – There are reasons why eating is prohibited in trains and they’re almost always related to trash and also the odor of food in a crowded, air conditioned train. Even in small amounts, it’s not ethical to eat inside trains. If everyone does it, imagine the leftovers, the trash, and the smell of the train. One instance is this couple (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njzDs4EJOGw) eating a rice bowl inside a crowded MRT cab.
The Talker – People using mobile phones tend to speak louder than normal, which is acceptable if they’re in wide open spaces. But think about what other passengers in a train would be thinking when they hear you speak loudly about your life story to someone else on the other line. While other people wouldn’t mind, it’s still annoying for others. Now, imagine a vulgar passenger spewing profanities at someone on the phone, like this woman during a train ride (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCgQd1ZdNQI). Now that would be really annoying.
The Smooch -- It’s okay for couples to show how much they’re in love by giving a smack or two but what if it becomes too much that it’s no longer a tender kiss but a full-blown make out session? Yes, these couples can say they’re just being in love but we’re still in a country where the most often comment in seeing such people is “get a room.” But what if the make out session is between two guys (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4g_X95BEaoI) like these two?
The Smelly – Passengers with bad odor is fairly common in train rides, especially during rush hour in the morning and late afternoon. Due the Philippines’ constant humidity, the odor of tired, sweaty people can become overpowering. Add to the problem of crowding and the absence of air conditioning, people could literally lose consciousness when the odor becomes too much.
The Bully – There are people who think they require more space inside the train than everyone else so they push others aside in order to get more space. They complain about feeling suffocated and would let everyone hear it. There is no reasoning with these people and even if someone tries to tell them to get off the train and take a cab (which is actually the best recourse for these bullies), those who intervene would only get a dose of screams and curses.

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