EX - P : Philippine National Railways (PNR)

Every sunday we go to the church by riding a train since we move-in taguig (PNR) instead of bus, jeep, taxi, mrt, lrt1 and lrt2 (lahat na, na pwedeng sakyan) :) we must like it kasi naman fast and affortable biruin mo sa station kame ng FTI via ESPANA kame P10 lang... tapos ang church pa namen sa q.c pa o diba?! so cheap! kurips ako eh.. hehehe... and since we dont want to ride anything but train its just because ung mga bus na pwede namen skyan walang aircon hello init kaya! tapos kung magpatakbo sila parang malalaglag ang puso ko im scared...

Actually at first super elib ako as in hindi dahil first time akong nakasakay sa train dahil talagang ngaun lang ako nakaskay ng (PNR) as in akala ko kasi hindi ko magugustuhan aun pala mawiwili ako... so then i take a pic in my first,second and third ride... i and my cousin love to take pic in the train walamlang trip lang namen kasi ang tagal ng train may time kasi ang pagdating nila 1 hr. so syempre sa 15 mins. namen pagaantay we take photos...

now i want to exprerience the last train sched old style daw un nga lang walang aircon pero oks lang naman...
so try (PNR) ok naman sya! ☺

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