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The Balik alindog project

I know how bad I' am as a blogger because I'm not updating this blog for how many days, I'm so sorry babes! Thou this blog is just my hobby I know it’s really good to share some experience here that I can’t say anywhere hehe. Anyways I think I already told you that one of my personal problem is that I’m so fat now than before and makes me crazy but of course I really love to eat so mush rice and sweet then vegies and fruits is not my favourites, but I just feel that I’m no longer a teenager that haves so easy to metabolise food after eating. I remember when I was a little girl up to college I was so thin but that time I’m so lazy to eat I much prefer to sleep at night and I usually walk miles every day it’s like a walkathon if you are living here in the Philippines I just want you to imagine that I can walk from university belt up to divisoria haha its super long right? My route is 1st at the university belt which is my university is located 2nd in Recto 3rd avenida 4th Carriedo 5th Quiapo 6th shortcut to China town 7th Binondo 8th and the last Divisoria haha then In my last route that the time I will ride a jeepney going home it’s a one ride from our house. I think I walk a lot before and it’s like more than 4 or 5 kilometres but not so sure maybe much more than that. I love to walk with my friends we just plan to walk to go in many palaces. Actually I really love to eat and to drink sodas but its keeps me look thin even thou I eat the unhealthy foods.
The two photos above is thin days and the two below is my fat days LOL